About Continental SDS

About Continental Security Design & Solutions

Continental SDS is a woman owned small business started in 2005 to pursue government professional staffing contracts. In 2014 Continental SDS acquired multiple security firms, and began incorporating registered engineers, numerous security consultants and project managers under one umbrella with the goal to forge a dynamic team of security experts, technologies, and capabilities to address the conventional, asymmetric, and cyber threats facing government and businesses today. Located in Owings Mills, Maryland, Continental SDS is conveniently located within close proximity to the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro area.

Our Approach

Securing people, property, and information is our passion. We pledge to offer our clients the most effective security solutions available to address today’s security threats.

Continental SDS provides a comprehensive review of your current security programs (both electronic and operational). Our "Total Systems Approach" takes into consideration and incorporates elements such as degree of operation, maintenance performance, and effective implementation of the existing system. Because we are involved in all aspects of the physical security systems approach, we are able to recommend and provide the most advanced and innovative physical security technology available. Integrating your present program into an overall cost-effective system design requires knowledgeable personnel such as the experts at Continental SDS.

Our “Total Systems Approach” addresses each project utilizing a concept of five protective layers, featuring an "exterior to interior" approach.

The five elements of our effective design are:

  • Perimeter protection
  • Exterior/Interior monitoring
  • Building access control
  • Internal access controls
  • Employee policies/procedures